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45 Elgee Rd, Bellevue WA 6056 Australia

Call (08) 9274 4333

45 Elgee Rd, Bellevue WA 6056 Australia

CNC Cutting & Process Technology

Full In-House Capabilities, Inventory of Parts & Supporting Systems

At Better Wear Welding, the entire CNC cutting process and the supporting technology and plant are in-house. This reduces lead time significantly and provides greater control and consistency in quality.

We have a depth of specialised experience and in place are systems and processes to minimise wastage and produce highly accurate jobs.


We can use our laser measuring equipment to scan points on a product and convert these to an as built drawing for the product. We have heavy duty combination machines for processing operations and precision plasma or flame cutting. This enables parts to be finished in one set-up with no jigging or work holding devices required.

Pipe Cutting & Processing Technology

  • CNC pipe profile cutting machine to process piping especially complex shapes.

Kinetic K4000 Combination Process Technology

  • Drilling and cutting machine including beveling
  • Heavy duty combination machine for processing machine operations and precision plasma or flame cutting
  • Cuts and drills from 12m x 3.2m x 200mm thick
  • Can cut up to 60mm with Plasma
  • 3D bevel head for cutting weld bevels on thick plates.

We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.