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45 Elgee Rd, Bellevue WA 6056 Australia

Call (08) 9274 4333

45 Elgee Rd, Bellevue WA 6056 Australia

Quality & Safety

A Track Record of Delivering Quality Workmanship & Services, Without Compromise to Safety

The principles of risk management are fundamental to the way we conduct our business. We have a genuine concern for the health, safety and well-being of our teams and for the quality of work we deliver.

Our leadership team clearly defines accountabilities and conduct our business in a way that ensures the delivery of work safely and to the quality standards expected. This is tabled in our weekly management meetings and addressed in pre-start and toolbox meetings. Policies, procedures and reporting processes are in place.

Safety Policy

Safety is a core value in Better Wear Welding. We understand our responsibility and take accountability to provide a safe work environment and to identify and manage risk – continuously.

Our safety policy includes:

  • a commitment to best practice to prevent injury and ill health
  • the implementation of hazard and risk management programs consistent with the nature of our workplace and scale of risk
  • providing all necessary training, information and supervision of employees and contractors. We work to beyond compliance to relevant legislations, standards and codes and understand that safety is a continuous journey


We have built a reputation for delivering project excellence. We leverage our experience to provide solutions and recommendations to project challenges and work with our clients collaboratively to achieve the best quality in our work.

We work to ISO 9001 and back the quality of our work with our systems and processes, and the best people. Our quality management systems are built around strong management and supervision, and supported by procedures and ongoing training.

We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.