Better Wear Welding

"Thanks for the Excellent work Better Wear Team"
- Tie In-Coordinator - Bechtel Mining & Metals / Efficiency & Growth ( Worsley Expansion Project )


"97% Delivery in Full and on Time - Keep up the good work"
- Technical Spares Officer - Worsley Alumina


"The reporting from Better Wear has been absolutely spot on to date. As an Expediter on this project,

I wish all other suppliers could comply in this manner."
- Senior Expiditor - Bechtel / Efficiency & Growth (Worsley Expansion Project)



What makes Better Wear Welding the driving force in this arena is our dedication to service and our desire to constantly strive for greater quality and better methods to achieve the client’s needs. They say successful companies have to also be able to offer something extra in today’s marketplace and at Better Wear Welding we practice this daily both in our workmanship and commitment to find new and better ways to make things last longer. Among the Services we offer are as follows:

* Structural Steel Fabrication
* Fabrication and Refurbishment of Pressure Pipelines and Vessel.
* Fabrication and Refurbishment of chutes, internal and external cladding of slurry pipework for associated mineral (Gold, Nickel, and Aluminum) and mining sand producing companies.
* Hardfacing and reclamation of crusher components for power generating and gold producing companies
* General Engineering / Drafting ( 2D and 3D Detailing )


Manufacturing a good quality culture that is committed towards providing quality service & products, will assure you of complete fulfillment of your order since we take pride in gaining your satisfaction. Our customers are our most valuable asset. We take tremendous pride in the fact that there are very few companies on the planet that can match our customer satisfaction levels, and we're continuously innovating to make sure that we're always a few steps ahead of the pack when it comes to keeping our customers happy.

Personalized, professional customer service, and an unblemished reputation for delivering on time, every time, are just three of the reasons our customers keep coming back to us - an achievement that fills us with quiet satisfaction every time we think about it. This focus on customers and their needs has resulted in a client list that includes some of the largest Australian mining giants - as the list below demonstrates.



Our business was honed on metal fabrication work and as a result today has the people with the skills to tackle most related steel fabrication work especially in the mining industry. While a piping specialist, we also work with tanks, chutes and hoppers and works with all types of metal including mild and stainless steel.



Better Wear Welding is "Australia's Leading Hardfacing Company". Our Hardfacing service involves a process where metal surfaces are covered with a layer of harder metal to minimize or delay wear, simple but effective preventive maintenance that can save companies substantial amounts of money particularly in the mining industry. We have also committed considerable resources and expertise to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of equipment hardfacing of slurry pipes as used in the aluminum industry. The company works from 80 to 1200 diameter and in any configuration including straight spool, tees, elbows, concentric or eccentric reducers and valve bodies. The hardfacing material used and method of application will vary accordingly to the use made of the component to be hardfaced and we will adopt whatever is required to protect the component from corrosion, abrasion or impact.

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