Better Wear Welding

"Thanks for the Excellent work Better Wear Team"
- Tie In-Coordinator - Bechtel Mining & Metals / Efficiency & Growth ( Worsley Expansion Project )


"97% Delivery in Full and on Time - Keep up the good work"
- Technical Spares Officer - Worsley Alumina


"The reporting from Better Wear has been absolutely spot on to date. As an Expediter on this project,

I wish all other suppliers could comply in this manner."
- Senior Expiditor - Bechtel / Efficiency & Growth (Worsley Expansion Project)


Estimating and Drafting Services


Betterwear Welding employs highly skilled engineering, estimating and drafting professionals utilizing industry leading engineering and 3D softwares to provide the quality and responsiveness required by clients. We utilize CNC files from our 3D design softwares to improve quality and reduce fabrication time.


Piping & Steel structures are modeled in 3D, detailed according to design specification in the latest model of Inventor and Solidworks for steel detailing. This will ensure accurate information transferred for detailing, eliminating errors and increase speed of fabrication drawing output. From the detailed 3D model, DXF/NC data would be generated and directly sent to respective CNC machines. This will ensure high precision of all structural/plate components in manufacturing.  Any changes on the model will have a realtime effect on any form of ECO - Engineers Change order.


Services Provided

  • Budget estimates and 3D estimate models.
  • Structural steel drawings produced using advanced 3D modeling softwares.
  • 3D computer models provided throughout the project for client use.  ( Using Latest versions of AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor 2013 and Solidworks 2013 )

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